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ABC books / ABCdaria / Primers
, a large section of 19th century children's books, pop-up's / shape books, boys and girls fiction and children's magazines, modern picture books as well as old and classic ones. Bibliography on children's books. Catchpenny pictures, illustrated books, Dulac, Rackham, Pogany, Rie Cramer, Le Mair, etc. and a section on the history of education. Paper Toys.

About us

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My name is Dik. I started my career in the modern book trade, where I worked for more than 18 years. During that time, I went to stay in England for four years from 1973 until 1977. While there, I started to collect English illustrated and children's books. I also started to trade in old and secondhand books, at the weekend Market on Hampstead Heath.
When I returned to Holland (after a cycle tour through Europe), I  worked in a modern bookshop, where I took care of the antiquarian section.

I am now very actively involved in buying and selling antiquarian books. I deal from home and attend all the big book fairs in Holland, i.a. PTA Amsterdam and once a year in Milan Italy. I issue an interesting and full catalogue about once a year.


     El Pintor (Galinka Ehrenfest).  

    Flora, bloemenstalletjeJonathan. 1942




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